I just made up the flyer for the Green Bean show, check out the two Boston Bands Cough Cough and Kal Marks that will be gracing the show courtesy of Carl Simmons. If you haven't already, check out the LP/CD Reissue of Honeysuckle Tendrals on Sacred Bones.

This is a Machine (9:15-945)
It Ain't Easy (8:30-9)
Carl Simmons & The Human Orchids(7:45-8:15)
Cough Cough (7-7:30)
Kal Marks (6:15-645)
Nicole Coogan (5:30-6)
All Ages/$5/5PM Doors
@ The Green Bean
740 Purchase St
New Bedford, MA

Times are my best guesses, things could run earlier or later who knows?

Video (thanks Will!) from the last Green Bean show is up on our Youtube page

I have audio of Trevor and This is a Machine's set from Trevor, who mixed it and made it sound great.
Trevor Vaughan
This is a Machine

I'm gonna go catch a little of the Accu show, happy new year everyone!





This is good, two updates in the same week. Don't get too used to it I've just been sitting around in bed all day with nothing to do. Anyway, here's the real stuff

If you'll look over to your left a bit you might notice a little flyer I made for a show Aaron Alves is putting on for December 23rd. Can you guess who that is on it? (Hint: it isn't Craig)

If you weren't at the Green Bean and missed out on an Aaron Alves cd-r, click here to download a digital copy for FREE!

In New Bedford Hardcore related news, Matt O'Dowd is putting on a cool show at the Yeti Room on January 17th. It's a benefit for an Orphanage in Nepal. I'll get the flyer up on here as soon as its done, but for now you can peep the facebook event page.

The Yeti Room is also having a huge show on December 28th:

Keynote is putting on another show for Man Overboard (ex Front Page) at Accu:
flyer coming soon

I heard personally today (from none other than New Bedford's own Sean O'Brien's Facebook that the Outrage side of an upcoming NBHC Mayhem split with Wolf Whistle is almost recorded/mastered. Hopefully it will be out soon, keep checking on here, the bands myspaces, and redwood records for updates on it.





Thanks to everybody that came out for the show tonight, the turnout was perfect for everyone to get paid (and laid) the right amounts, i broke even on it. Will got some nice video vootage, it'll be up as soon as its edited. There is a possibilty of some audio recordings surfacing, I don't know how well the tapes came out. Anyway, both will be posted way before the last OTI/FTF show vids. HUGE thanks to monica and her friend (two totally random girls that i've never met before who went above) for doing the door for me almost the entire night. I hope they stole some money from the show because they refused my cash offering. Anthony played a pretty awesome cover, I won't ruin the surprise on here.

Pic related to the surprise i already ruined. I have a test press and i gotta say it sounds awesome.
Pressing Info:
100 on Black
50 on Dark Blue Mix
50 on Clear Mix
50 on White Mix

I guess I may as well mention while I'm nerding out about vinyl that me and my friend from London (Jake) are planning a split release of the last unfinished demo xfilesx recorded. Brendan and Trevor are going to finish them up after Christmas. It will also include older material that never got the vinyl treatment as the B side, hell if theres enough it could very well be a 10" but i want to keep costs down so it can be as inexpensive as possible. I discussed all this with Brendan a week or two ago and he said he wants the packaging to be "as meaty as possible" so expect some cool NBHC literature with it.

This Is A Machine (Anthony of Half Hearted Hero) just released his new cd tonight. NBROCK will be hosting a digital download of it soon.

Vistas Change have a new album dropping soon and Aaron Alves passed around a bunch of cdr demos of his solo stuff at the show tonight, they'll hopefully be hosted on here soon as well. The CD release is at The Highlander next Wednesday (12/23). Bedford Academy, The Do's and Don'ts, and Pride of the Atlantic (which I haven't heard but hear it involves Taylor Kirkwood) will be supporting. $5/8PM/All Ages/789 Main St. Acushnet

If anyone really enjoyed Trunks and Tales or Shipwrecks, they're playing the handsome mansion in allston tomorrow night. get in touch with me for the address, i think i might drive up to boston from new bedford to catch POW there over the weekend along with the witches with dicks reunion at unit 11.

Half Hearted Hero, Lesser Knowns, Letterday + more are playing Harper's Ferry on the 5th. Mother Night have a Mid East show on the 10th of January; cool for them but there is hopefully going to be a Half Hearted Hero show in/close to New Bedford that same night.
Alright its almost 3AM and i haven't slept right in days. I'll update again this week with flyers, links, audio, and video check back!
Always And Forever

OH and I put Half Hearted Hero's Home [EP] up for download the other night. Someday I'll get nice at frequent updates instead of cramming the only new bedford news you should care about into monthly forum summarizations.





I'm gonna try and put on as many shows as I can over break. Aaron Alves is doing one on December 23rd at the Highlander too! I'll posts more info on that in the next couple of days. Check out the forums or facebook for more detailed/updated info on all winter shows going on in nb.
Get fucking stoked on this image i'm leaking!!!!
less than 250 copies are getting pressed, i think kyle told me /238. there are going to be several different variants and some other half hearted hero related surprises so keep your ear up to the wall for more info.





Happy Halloween!!!
While your downloading this, pretend you're ringing my doorbell and I step out and hand you a cd-r of this.

01. Girls & Gold (It Ain't Easy)
02. Working Man (It Ain't Easy)
03. Too Tired (Figures)
04. T.G.I.F. (It Ain't Easy)
05. Amen (It Ain't Easy)
06. Wait a Minute (Joke track)

*recorded on Will's laptop speaker summer '09 at miles standish camp ground - by: trevor, heather, derek, jerry, craignb, matt g, jill, will, mikey c, johnny c





Looking for something better to do than trick or treating with your kid sister tomorrow night? Look no further.

If that show doesn't float your boat then you should check out Math The Band and Creepin' Cadavers at UMASS. Both shows are FREE, and there is a 21+ show at No Problemo after the bean.





Quick update on the Black Watch Pub show on Friday, its now 21+. Apparently someone threatened the bar for having an all ages show and they are afraid of getting in trouble.

Click the big obvious image to download The Do's And Don'ts two song demo. If you're in a band and would like to us to host mp3s, send them to

Hooray for two days in a row of updates!





Well, it's really been quite some time since I've updated and I guess I should apologize for that even though everytime I update I seem to have to say that. I'm pretty bored in my math class right now, to say the least. Anywayz, I've been kicking around the idea of doing another NBROCK comp for the winter. More on that to come in November. A bunch of new nb bands have popped up, if you want to hear them go snoop around the forums I don't have time to crawl around myspace for links.

RIP Have Heart, the biggest hardcore band to come out of new bedford (sort of). I had a pretty good time at their last show this past Saturday. Hopefully this means more time for Wolf Whistle?!

I wish I had some new mp3s to offer up on here, no ones been sending me shit.

I guess I'll just end this post with a really late congratulations to Craig, whose daughter Sierra was born a few months ago and is pictured with him at left.

Some shows coming up:





Click the picture of Agony to download their 2009 demo for free!!

We Are The Union and NB fireworks tonight!!





Would anybody wear these on a tee-shirt? The first one would be in the centre of the chest and the second would be in the bottom left corner of the front side. PM me or something.





(2 of 2)





Check out Will's New Site! He's got some designs up and other fun stuff, so support that shit.

Russ from AAR made 100 NBROCK buttons for me and i was supposed to get them ages ago. oh well, maybe they'll be ready by the next nbrock show. incidently, that will probably go down on july 9th for aha night. Nick Bishop will be performing with his friends Menya from NY. The Commonwealth (as heard on the diy summer '09 comp) are also playing. and maybe so automatic? joe and i are probably gonna do some more shows in his garage soon. i might even get up off my lazy ass and set something up at the green bean like i've beeen promising for months. if craig and i get some nbrock tees printed would any of you actually get them?

check out Judo Heirs


DIY Summer '09  



NBROCK DIY Summer '09 Comp is out!!
Brought to you by Redwood Records

01 - Half Hearted Hero - Cobblestones
02 - Wolf Whistle - Five Hundred Thousand Eyes
03 - Math The Band - Introducing the Magic Eye
04 - Atlantic Blue - Drag The Vowel
05 - So Automatic - Bright Lights
06 - Bedford Academy - Two Rocking Chairs on a Porch
07 - Skin Lake - A Third Hand Description of Second Hand Indian Food
08 - It Ain't Easy - Girls And Gold
09 - Mother Night - Shaking Hands With The Masses
10 - Letterday - Beg For Mercy
11 - The McCarthy Richards Band - Sycamore
12 - Sterling Silver - The Great American Scream Machine
13 - Carl Simmons - This Black Home
14 - Sophisticated Pills - Brother
15 - Vistas Change - Wolves Ruinous Paws
16 - Streets of Rage 3 - Get Hard or Die Tryin'
17 - Nick Bishop - All I Can Do (Prod. by Sonny Kilfoyle)
18 - Orchestrate The Incident - Royal Flush
19 - Trevor Vaughan - To This Word
20 - M.R. - Slow Monk
21 - Booker - The King Is Dead (A Wilhelm Scream Cover)
22 - This is a Machine - Too Scared/Pass Out
23 - Agony - 3 Slimy Snail Trails of Vicious Vaginal Ooze
24 - The Commonwealth - Small Hands
25 - Nature/Nurture - 008
26 - Mike Mountain - A Loan
27 - Baylies Band - Let's Get Stabbed, Part 2

Thanks to Craig, Will, and everyone else who helped me put this out.

In other update news, craig and i have decided to switch the site over to no worries, our url isn't going to change. it should be up sometime next week so be on the lookout. mad shows in the works, check out the events page on the new site for more info i'm adding some now.





Hey d00dz. As the picture to the left seems to indicate, I've got some pretty OMG-worthy news: Half Hearted Hero's website is online and more or less complete. Sometime last month, John asked me about making a site for Half Hearted Hero, and after much jackassery and procrastination, I finally got around to making it.

I've still got to talk to Meyer about album descriptions and whether he wants stuff to be downloadable or not, and if a review exists, PM me on the boards or something because as much as I may want it to, that young lad from Munich drumming along to some phat jamz doesn't really constitute a 'review'.

But for your viewing pleasure: <>





Streets of Rage 3 are back and badder than ever! Check out theSega Genocide EP page, we are hosting a free download of the ep!

Outrage have some shows coming up, I'll be at the one in Allston tomorrow night.





The forums are kind of on the fritz right now, they'll be running up again in a few days.

NBROCK is doing a free compilation cd-r this month. I want it to represent everything that New Bedford is to me, so send in submissions in mp3 format to my email, It'll be available on cd-r and digital download sometime in May.

Check out this Wolf Whistle video!





Hey everyone, I'd like to thank the people who put on the show at Our Lady of Fatima last weekend and everyone that was able to make it. For those of you who missed the great set Bedford Academy played or would like to relive the event you can click on the video links listed below for the song. Make sure you hit the HQ (high quality) button!

The playlist is:
1.The Creep
2.The Misses
3.This is the future
4.Filthy Animals

Also Tyler did a great job filling in as the drummer on such short notice.





NBRock is making a comeback this summer. Please read and respond to this if you have questions.
The entire staff of has been pretty busy with life lately, including myself; as most of you know i was in the hospital for most of my spring break and it sucked. However, I'm all better and want to revitalize the scene with everyone's help. We are already teaming up with Solstice, the skateboard store downtown on William Street, to make the forums on here the real deal again. I don't want anyone to feel excluded cause they feel nbrock is pretentious or something stupid like that.

I'm going to legit be doing shows again this summer starting in May when I get out of school. Hopefully Craig will be done with the new site by then, I have no idea how far along he is and to his credit he has some real life shit going on right now. All I can say about it is it'll be like a real site with blog updates like this. Hopefully still iphone/sidekick compatible. The idea is to get everyone back into liking shows again and going to them to have fun, not to get drunk and waste the day away making fun of the thirteen year olds that probably have way more fun than the jaded kids who go to see the one band they like on the 10 band bill. Well, I don't see why we can't have little 2 band shows for those kids and have huge keynote shows at the PAL and bigger places.

I've been kicking around a lot of ideas with a lot of different people and am gonna announce that my goals for the summer are to press a new xfilesx 7", if it can happen, get a PA, put on an assload of safe fun shows that are cheap, and get the wheels in motion to press smackin' isaiah. Basically the new nbrock site will be like a distro with everything it has now. stay tuned for more updates on this. We're doing the best we can right now and need the support of everyone in new bedford that cares about local music to make this shit a reality.

oh and if you know html or php and wanna make band sites like this get in touch cause i'm too busy to do more by myself.





Wolf Whistle recorded four new songs yesterday for a new 7" and are graciously allowing NBRock to host the mp3s for FREE download. Thanks guys!!!

The tracklist is:
1.California Sun
2.Lazarus Laugh
3.Shelf Dreams
4.Five Hundred Thousand Eyes

They're playing at Anchors Up in Haverhill, MA on March 6th if you want to check them out it's $10. Also, Wolf Whistle's first 7" is still in print and very affordable.
Click here to order one.

Oh and we might have a new site up soon.





All ages show @ The Tigers Den (Romans)
30 Intervale St.
Brockton, MA

Cost: $10


Brocton Shows

Cred for this update goes to Tyler.





New Bedford has some new sounds; Vistas Change have been busy this past winter recording some demos and have them streaming on their myspace for your listening pleasure. They will be playing, to my knowledge what is their first show on March 13th at The Highlander in Acushnet with Skin Lake + More TBA. I'm dissapointed it's the same night that Title Fight are playing at the ICC, but if you weren't planning on going up to Boston for them then you should definitely check the Highlander show out.

Soon to be New Bedford legends Half Hearted Hero have the finished master copy of their new full length "Defining. Refining." in their hands as of today so it shouldn't be too much longer before the rest of us get to own a copy of it. They have a few shows coming up: March 5th @ UMASS Dartmouth for FREE with A Hero Next Door, April 11th @ The Pal playing as Blink 182, and on April 17th in Kingston, Ma.

The final lineup for that cover show that Keynote is putting on at the PAL is still slightly indefinite, but to the best of my knowledge HHH are covering Blink 182, Atlantic Blue will do Lifetime, Outrage-Brand New, Sharkweak: The Movielife, and one more band TBA is covering Saves The Day. Another Option have dropped off so they can focus on other things besides learning cover songs and Outrage decided not to cover Smackin' Isaiah much to my dismay. Despite all these changes, the show is still happening and should be a lot of fun. Admission will run you up $10 and I'll get a new flyer up for it as soon as one is sent to me.

Some drama the other night at the Ramming Speed/Agony show that Andrew put on at UMASS, from what I gather from the forums the cops busted it up for no reason and Ramming Speed didn't play. Bummer, but hopefully it won't affect the future of UMASS shows.

That Wolf Whistle podcast Craig mentioned a few posts down is available for streaming here in .mp3 format, check it out!!

On the subject of podcasts, check out the one Andrea Belanger did the other day for WSAR here. She is getting a lot of hype right now so support her by checking it out, especially if you've never given her songs a listen before!

I don't think it has ever been officially mentioned that Streets of Rage 3 is reforming and will be releasing a demo entitled the Sega Genocide EP this coming spring/summer. More to come on that.

Have Heart and the Mongoloids were supposed to play with Outrage at Gallery X at the end of this month, but after a lot of time on the phone and headaches on my part it fell through and will take place at the Tiger's Den in Brocton on February 27th. Gallery X would only allow two bands on the bill, and the cost of renting their space plus all the other expenses simply wasn't worth doing it.

It completely slipped my mind that The McCarthy-Richards Band put out a full length a few weeks ago called Private Eye. Click over to their myspace to give a listen and checkout all the shows they have lined up.

I've run the update bank pretty dry after all that I think, as always feel free to get in touch with show listings, mp3s, noodz, and show pics through the forums, myspace, aim, etc.





Hey guys my name’s Andrea Belanger, ya’ll might remember me from the green bean show…
Tonight is a very exciting night for me. I’ve been given opportunity to open up for The Wood Brothers. For those of you who don’t know The Wood Brothers are made up of two members, Chris Wood (of Medeski Martin & Wood, a famous free jazz trio) and Oliver Wood of King Johnson.
Definitely worth checking out!!!

The show will be tonight February 13, 2009.
Show starts at 8:00pm.
Tickets are $18.00 in advance and $20.00 at the door.
The Narrows Center for The Arts
16 Anawan st. Fall River, MA

The show will be streamed live over MVY Radio’s website
If you can’t catch the live performance it will be archived and streamed any time after tonight as well.
You can also tune in today at 3:00pm to 1480WSAR with The Hurricane for a pre-show interview!!

One step closer to the dream!

Andrea Belanger
The Wood Brothers
Narrows Center For The Arts




Be sure to head to The Black Watch Pub (NEW VENUE!) TONIGHT and catch Another Options homecoming show w/ Bedford Academy @ 7:30PM only $5! (266 Dartmouth St. New Bedford, MA)

UMass Dartmouth will be holding shows on: Feb 13, Mar 7, Mar 28 & Apr 17. More details when we know...

The covershow we mentioned earlier is being postponed because of venue issues.

If you missed Wolf Whistle in Haverhill last weekend, they are playing AGAIN this weekend @ the ICC in Allston w/ Internal Affairs, Cruel Hand, Alpha and Omega & Unforgiven. 01-31-09 @ 557 Cambridge St. Allston, MA 6PM - BE SURE TO PICK UP THE DEMO ON EITHER CD OR 7"!!!!! Also they just recorded a interview/set at WERS in boston, so be on the look out for that!

If any band needs a practice space Space #19 @ The Wamsutta Mills is available to share with HEARTLESS - it would be $170/month and its a GREAT SPACE FOR PARTIES! contact:

Bombed! broke up.

If any band is in need of a drummer Ted Goodz is looking to join one. Contact: 508.971.7177 /

Lastly... Dragged Out & Shot put up a new song titled "The Rotting Stench Of Men" here.





Outrage are booking some north east tour dates for the spring, and are considering a European tour last I heard. Get fucking pumped, cause they're recording a new full length in March with Jay Maas at Getaway Recording Studios in Wakefield, MA





The cover show at Granger Hall has been post-poned until sometime in March due to the venue flaking out and asking a ton of money for insurance coverage.

Check out FFAANNGGSS on MySpace, John DiSalvo has some great recordings up there.

In other DiSalvo related news, I'm pretty sure Elder is pressing their latest album on vinyl really soon. In the meantime, you can purchase the cd here.

Check out our MP3s section if you haven't been on it in a while, we're hosting a ton of great stuff for free download. I'll be adding a few more things when I get around to it.

If you're over 21, all my best buds are playing at the Shakers Lounge and Night Club in Fall River on January 23rd. The show is cheap, I'm not sure exactly how much. Word is they have a free mechanical bull.

Get psyched on that flyer to your left. Wolf Whistle is Derek DaSilva, Trevor Vaughan, Pat Flynn, and Evan Radigan. Come up and support, I'll probably be there.

That's all the news I have for now, if you have hot gossip or hot noodz please click the link above to the forums and post it there.




1/6/2009 is pleased to announce the debut release by The Classic Record Company, Trevor Vaughan Presents: 'atta boy.
Trevor has been gracious enough to allow to release it for free, so we launched him his own site at
Give 'atta boy a listen/download it FREE and if you like what you hear there is a donation link on the page to The Classic Record Company's paypal. Show some support and there will be many more great releases on it in the future.

Half Hearted Hero have finished recording their new full length "Defining. Refining." at Getaway Studios in Wakefield, MA. It will be coming out on Fastlife Records sometime in March in Japan. A US CD/LP release will follow shortly after. Watchout kids, I heard the rough mixes and it's fucking fast.

NB rockers Nature/Nurture just put out a new ep. It's up for download in WAV and MP3 on their myspace page and also over on our MP3s page

There are a bunch of great shows coming up:




I just uploaded Booker's set from the last NBROCK green bean show in August, check it on on the downloads page along with a .zip of Half Hearted Hero playing some songs acoustically on LaSalle's radio station a few weeks ago. I split the show up nice between songs and interviews.

Andrew of Bombed! is putting on a free show at the UMASS Birch Grille this saturday. Shit starts at 7 PM: (maybe in reverse order, this isn't the lineup)Math The Band, Tyrannosaurus Sex, Lima Research Society, EXILES, Jack of All Boxes... best of all it's Free!!

Half Hearted Hero are playing a basement show in Allston tomorrow night, I know it's real short notice on both of these but if you want more info go ask on the forums.

The new NBROCK shirts promised a long time ago will probably never see the true light of day, i think four people have one and i'm not one of them.

I don't think it's really been mentioned on here too much, but Bedford Academy were in the studio not too long ago recording tracks for an upcoming album to be released in the near future. Half Hearted Hero will be recording a full length at the end of december, it's getting released by some label (sorry meyer i forget the name) in japan. Hopefully hype from that speeds things up for them getting signed to Fat Wreck.

Jerry, Derek, Mike, and Tyler are starting a pop punk band. I don't know much else about it except that the demo Jerry let me hear ruled.


CD1&CD2& CD3



ELDER has released a new CD (see images to the right) on Meteor City Records - it will be for sale at upcoming shows and @




Looking for something to do on Halloween? Jerry (Bedford Academy & The Painter's Son) is putting on an awesome show for only 5 bucks! It's going to be @ Flagship Cinemas (500 Kings Hwy New Bedford, MA) w/ Bedford Academy, Skin Lake, Motordeth & Half Hearted Hero! show @ 6PM ***WEAR A COSTUME***

Bedford Academy is in the studio recording 10 songs for an upcoming full length! They are recording in Lynn, MA @ Maxiumum Sound Studios.

Calico Presents: MATH the band, Anni Rossi, Emily Lacey & Andrea Belanger Thursday October 23 @ 173 Union St Downtown, NB $8 in advance or $10 @ the door, 8:30PM click the flyer for more info!





Outrage signed with Panic Records out of Seattle, Washington. A seven song CDEP entitled "Savior" will be out November 18th, 2008 on Panic Records. Four of these songs will be released on Cabal Records out of Oviedo, Florida as a 7".

we are super stoked for all of this.

Outrage's Myspace | Panic Records Site | Panic Records Myspace | Cabal Records Site | Cabal Records Myspace


Orchestrate The Incident and Follow The Flies are breaking up and will be playing one final show at the PAL in Fall River on November 29th with Atlantic Blue, The Miles Between, Skin Lake, and Aminals.
It's $10 and presented by Keynote.

And A Wilhelm Scream are playing the Living Room in Providence on Friday, October 24th.




This THURSDAY October 2nd @ Harper's Ferry (158 Brighton Ave. Allston, MA) is PAPER (18+) $10.00 w/ DJ's E-Marce, Nato & Aaron Bedard (of BANE) w/ Live performances by Shot Heard Around The World & Bearstronaut - 9PM-2AM

Carl Simmons w/ M.R. & Jeff Benares will be performing THIS FRIDAY October 3rd to benefit the "Jesse and Bruce Walk America" fundraiser (suggest donation 3 bucks) all proceeds go to The Jimmy Fund ©

Lannen Fall is releasing "The Holly EP" on October 21st on Amazon and iTunes (also posting a clip on October 7) head to their myspace for more info. Also they have a ton of new merch (and the older merch is discounted:




The Appreciation Post is on tour (AGAIN!) Starting in Boston (then to providence) so a couple opportunities for you to catch them before they head out. Also help them promote and WIN A FREE T-SHIRT! full details / dates here: CLICK ME

Aaron Alves posted a new song: click to listen

Taunton's All About Records is having a contest to design a t-shirt for Another Option's UK TOUR (oh p.s. AO is going to the UK) - specs: have the words another option on it, have the AAR logo on it and preferably pertain to England.

BOMBED! is playing in NB on Sunday October 5 w/ Agony, Discordance, Chasing Infinity, Ashes of Mercy, Relegation, Under Lying Truth, & Looking for Alaska - $8.00 @ Accu - 3057 Acushnet Ave, New Bedford, Massachusetts 02745




Everyone's favorite Revere-ians, Letterday, are recording a FULL LENGTH CD in Lynn, MA. A few songs are nearly done (I've heard them and be prepared to have your socks rocked the fuck off) but they plan to do 10 songs for the release. They also have been recording video of them recording audio and it's pretty redic/funny, you can go to the youtube page here: or watch the first recording video blog to the left! ENJOY!

Rumor has it FTF/OTI will be releasing a "Last Show" T-Shirt, so save ya 3 Dolla Billz Ya' All.


OTIFTF & Halloween


As MOST people by now know OTI & Follow the Flies have BOTH broken up and plan on playing their last show together. The date is November 29 and will be @ the P.A.L. in Fall River. Full details are hazey as of yet but will probably have The Miles Between, Atlantic Blue, Animals and Thrill of It All. It is a Keynote Company show.

Flagship Cinemas in NB is holding a HALLOWEEN SHOW featuring Bedford Academy, Skin Lake and Half Hearted Hero ONLY FIVE DOLLARS! Can't fucking beat that. 6-9PM Halloween Night.

Flyers for both are to the left - THESE ARE NOT THE REAL FLYERS - just some things I made, so not sure if the info is 100%

John DiSalvo (Skin Lake, BCATWB) has started a new side project called "FFAANNGGSS" check it out @ this link.




Giancarlo "Mexico" Garcia






Happy Birthday Rachel





...T-Shirts coming soon


Calico & Shirts




Carl Simmons says:
In January 2009 Jesse and our brother-in-law Bruce are walking from Los Angeles, CA to Boston,MA.
They are doing this in partnership with the JIMMY FUND/ DANA FARBER CANCER INSTITUTE of Boston, MA.
The DFCI and the JIMMY FUND clinic is a place where children diagnosed with cancer and their parents find hope.
You can help us help them to help find a cure for this terrible disease. By everyone on our friends lists donating $1 and reposting this bulletin we will make a difference.

All questions can be sent here or . We also have a conformation letter from the JIMMY FUND showing their support of our efforts.

Send $1 to:

Jesse and Bruce Walk America
P.O. Box 784
Fairhaven, MA 02719

If you want to send more then $1 please make a check out to:
DFCI/Jesse and Bruce Walk America

Together we CAN make a difference.

check us out at

Friday October 3rd 2008
M.R./ Carl Simmons / Jeff and Benares
at The Garage 79 N Water Street Downtown New Bedford


Also, in other New Bedford show news check out the flyer for FABULOUS on the left. No, it isn't E-Marce's newest dance party.

The new NBROCK shirts are coming soon, Nick Irzyk and myself have to cut the stencil out and paint them still but it's actually happening. The print (drawn by Rachel Rizzo) is on the left for your viewing pleasure, we're doing it in a bunch of colors. I haven't figured how much I have to charge for them, somewhere around $5.




There is a show September 27 @ The UMass Dartmouth "Birch Grill" featuring: The Painter's Son, The Oneways, Andrea Belanger & Audrey Ryan. Starts at 7PM.

Ambush Operator has a "Come Back Show" on September 28th @ Accu w/ Auburn (recently dropped by All About Records), The Thrill of It, Stories, Wolves of Wysteria, Make It Last Forever, Kids of Carnage & Discordance. (How fucking old / out of touch am I, I've heard of two of those eight bands ugh...) / click flyer to left for large version.




If you haven't noticed already, i put up a TON of stuff up for download in the mp3s section. More stuff should be up by the end of this week, so keep checking.

In case anyone forgot or didn't know, this site does have forums for people like you to post on. Go make an account or log back into yours if you already have one and start posting again.

Wolf Whistle were supposed to play in Haverhill tonight, but the show got cancelled. Their 7" has been released on Troubled Mind records, 500 on black. It can be ordered for $4.00 + s&h- Here

There's a little show going on at Accubilliards tonight on Acushnet Ave In New Bedford. Sojourner/Sidetracked are playing with Outrage at AccuBilliards that night though. Sojourner/Sidetracked and Outrage are on the bill, i'm not sure who else is playing but it starts at 5:00 PM and costs $8. Keynote is putting that on and another show on the 14th, check the flyer to your left for details on that.

That's about all the news I can think of. If you have access to some screen printing stuff get at me cause Rachel Rizzo made an awesome shirt design and i want to get that going and keep it cheap.




The Diggers have signed with Providence label 75 OR < LESS Records. A CD release show/party will be held release of their self-titled debut album:

November 1, 2008 - 9:30 P.M.
The Diggers w/ Money Fight, Six Star General, Cardboard Fort & Nature/Nurture
@The Bullpen 1825 Acushnet Ave.
$5.00, 21+




Follow The Flies broke up, they're looking to play a final New Bedford show soon. Hopefully they'll let me put up a bunch of songs on the download page since all the songs on their myspace page are now downloadable. Craig doesn't have anymore New Bedford sucks jk shirts, where's my new shirt design Rachel??




The Naked Man Flight and 12 lb. Beard
at Gallery X
Downtown New Bedford

Thursday August 28
From 7 - 9

3 dollar suggested donation/BYOB

I'm moving up to Boston on Wednesday, I'll still be doing updates and looking into putting on a couple of shows. Most likely more Green Bean acoustic ones unless a new venue gets going.

Also, I have a massive amount of content to put up on the downloads page. I've been saying this for a while, but I swear its coming soon along with a nice new bands section. If you have some content you'd like on nbrock, feel free to send it over.

I have commissioned Rachel Rizzo into making a new nbrock design, so hopefully some new shirts will be coming out in a month or two. I believe Craig still has plenty of the newbedfordsucks ones, so get in touch with him if you want one.




Math the Band and The Viennagram will be playing @ Newbury Comics in North Dartmouth on September 13th! 6:00PM, ALSO Catch Math the Band AGAIN with Sharkweak @ URI's Freshman First Night on August 31, 6:00PM

Outrage update: They will be playing August 31 @ ACCU in new bedford at NOON, then doing a small your including, MA, SC and FL - also head to their myspace page and download the entire EP for free!


You Tube 


I added Nick Bishop's performance from the Bombshell show! Click here to watch the entire set!




I uploaded some photos from the show last night, if you or someone you knew took photos or video - shoot me an e-mail so I can put it up, thanks! Click here to view the photos from last night!

p.s. if you like brighten... click.





Jumpstart Records have RE-RELEASED A Wilhelm Scream's "DIVER" on 7" this time on CLEAR(400!) and WHITE (100!) vinyl - IF YOU WANT IT ORDER IT NOW THEY ARE ALMOST SOLD OUT

(or be a cheap bastard and download it here for



TREV & Gallery X!  



First and foremost, I would like to announce my return to regular nbrock updatage.

Secondly, here's some info on a gallery x show next week.

all ages show. EXILES with Trevor Vaughan

August, 21 2008 at GALLERY X Downstairs
William St, NEW BEDFORD, Massachusetts 02740
Cost :donation
doors :7:30

See you all tomorrow at the Garage.




There has been a bunch of independent zines coming out the past few months including GIRL TALK (by girls, for girls), HEY SUBURBIA! (Free Zine!) and now EVIDENCE.

Anonymously submit a confession, secret or story you've never told anyone...Send to: EVIDENCE, 135 Cottage St. New Bedford, MA 02740 - Submissions must be totally nameless NO REAL NAMES, working of people or establishments or excessive violence, or sexual perversions.






OUTRAGE is playing w/ The Mongoloids, Reign Supreme, The Carrier, Kids Like Us & Debaser @ Jerky's Bar (Above Club Hell) 71 Richmond St. Providence, RI - 5PM on Sunday August 17! CLICK HERE TO VIEW FLYER!

DOWNLOAD first single off the new Mike Skinner (The Streets) CD "Everything is Borrowed" - The Escapist - CLICK HERE - Check out the video for it too (see right)






A phat show is goin down at ACCU on August 20 - The Appreciation Post w/ Vega Under Fire , Another Option , Max Prussner , Half Heated Hero & Bedford Academy (Maybe) - 5:00 PM, $8.00, All Ages


August 16th- Room with a Brew- Leonardstown, MD
August 17th- Hamilton Lanes- Hamilton, NJ Facebook Invite - Flyer
August 18th- The Knitting Factory- New York, NY Facebook Invite - Flyer
August 19th- Billy Baloney's- Danbury, CT
August 20th- Accubilliards- New Bedford, MA
August 21st- Bill's Bar [18+]- Boston, MA
August 22nd- Ground Zero- Suncook, NH Flyer
August 23rd- Palladium- Worcester, MA Facebook Invite - Flyer
August 24th- TBA, NY
August 25th- The Corner Pocket- Blairsville, PA Flyer
August 26th- Grog Shop- Cleveland, OH
August 27th- Jeremy's Garage- Ironton, OH Flyer
August 28th- The Coup- Clarksville, TN
August 29th- The Attic- Mt. Juliet, TN
August 30th- Swayzes- Marietta, GA Flyer
August 31st- Cave 9- Birmingham, AL
September 1st- TBA, FL
September 2nd- The Harbor- Panama City, FL
September 3rd- TBA, FL
September 4th- Transitions Art Gallery- Tampa, FL Flyer
September 5th- Cornerstone Church- Naples, FL
September 6th- Bill Austen Teen Center- Cape Coral, FL
September 7th- Marion St. Cafe- Lake City, FL (T.A.P. NO VEGA)
September 8th- Livin' Lattes- Pilot Mountain, NC (T.A.P. NO VEGA)
September 9th- TBA, MD (T.A.P. NO VEGA)
September 10th- Tuesday Tunes, Shamokin, PA (T.A.P. NO VEGA)

DONT FORGET this thursday August 14 a awesome FREE show being put on by my BFFs in Bombshell Clothing at The Garage!




Thank you to everyone who came out for the LAST NBRock/Calico/SC247 Summer Series in Wings Court show this weekend. Thank you to anyone that helped out for this whether it was gettig permits, lending a a PA, mic or cable, helped picking up trash after the shows, etc. AND MOST OF ALL THANK YOU to all the bands who played all summer for free to support the local scene and give everyone a great time. See you next summer.




NEW shirts will be released on the LAST NBRock/SC247/Calico Summer Series show THIS SATURDAY - August 9. This first pressing is VERY limited, we will only have about 20 and they will be $15.00 each. FIVE COLORS / FULL FRONT print.






Ya boys in Year of the Cow have this to say:

"Hello to all our friends out there, we wanted to let you guys know that Friday night the 8th at the Ruckus Room there will be a gent. from comcast filming us for a SouthCoasts music series on cable ....So if you want to avoid being on TV and geting busted by the FBI or girlfriend we suggest you not come ....but we do advise and recommend you to come and ROCK OUT WITH US !!!!"

On a more serious note, agony are playing with leftover crack at club hell tuesday night. anyone going besides me, meyer and craig dawson?

NBrock summerfest is this saturday at noon in wing's court. if you have a PA, we'd like to rent it.
NBrock is also going an acoustic show at the green bean/bristol building. the flyer for that is over to your left, and hopefully it is on the 8th.

Beside Sound Recording
28 Union st.

Brandon over there will do it real cheap, you can contact him at for rates/more information.

That's all for tonight, I wasn't even gonna do this update but then I realized Craig might need a few days off to recover from his escapades at the Portuguese feast this past weekend.





NB dudes Ambush, Operator! are finishing up recording, keep an eye out.

She Rides (Providence) have set October 28 as the date for the release of their LP. Presale info coming soon.

Everyone's favorite weirdos The Diggers have a bunch of shows coming up - August 8 (Bullpen), August 9 (Wings Court), August 24 (Living Room) and the 30th at the Bullpen again. click this link for more info.

Simmons Bros. Movies has LOWERED the already low prices for the last days of the closing sale! Starts August 1 / $4 DVDs + $2.00 VHSs / 98 Williams St downtown!

Portuguese Feast this weekend. EVERYONE come and have a big nbrock party.... 9PM meet infront of the panthers club.






Here's my first update for the new site, not too much to say here. Peep those two show flyers to your left, and then go to them.

Don't want to wait until then for a New Bedford show? You don't have to. NBROCK/Calico is bringing you two next week week on August 7th and August 9th. Scroll down a bit for all the details on the August 9th show, its more Craig's thing but I'll be there helping out. August 7th though, I'm gonna put on an acoustic show at the Green Bean downtown. It's five bucks kids, stay home if you aren't gonna pay up and support the scene (and probably your friends).

The lineup will be Booker, Andrea Belanger, The Painter's Son, This Is A Machine, It Ain't Easy and Tom O'Leary.

Oh, and the guy from 3 Dog Night and Lez Zeppelin are playing the feast, I think on Saturday. (I might be wrong). If you aren't on the forums yet get with it.







THE ONEWAYS have taken the place of GRASS STAINS for the August 9th show! They will be opening so get their early and check them out! A new/updated flyer is available to the left (click for full size) for anyone hyping this to friends or on myspace or something, thanks guys, lets make the last summer show the funnest? yeah do that.

New Bedford metal band Discordance played at the PAL on July 26 if you missed it you can download the entire set here: http://www. megaupload. com/?d=K4YU1NMJ

End It All is playing September 12 @ The New Wave Cafe in NB w/ Motordeth (FIRST US SHOW EVER!) Also End It All is finishing up their first full length album "Battle of the Hundred Slain" and is looking for a label - so if anyone wants to press it, contact them!

For all you NBHC kids (haha) HAVE HEART is having the CD Release for "Songs to Scream at the Sun" (Bridge Nine) at the ICC in Allston. August 9 w/ Verse, Blacklisted, Shipwreck, New Lows!

SHE RIDES (Providence) is in need of a bass player, their new CD is being manufactured now and will be released soon, tours are being planned as well any questions contact them here.

Ya boi Justin has been SUPER BUSY over at Transient he has ELEVEN yes 11 shows booked from August - October all in NB so check those out tons of great acts, Another Option, Brookside, Year of the Cow, Jeff Gobush, Babies in Limbo and tons more! Check out his MySpace for full listings / try to get on a show!




Grass Stains (New Bedford) have dropped off the August 9th NBRock/Southcoast 24-7/Calico Summer Series show! I will need a replacement so if anyone wants the spot please shoot me an e-mail asap, thanks! Click flyer for larger image!





YO The Appreciation Post is playing a RARE all ages show, it's in Boston so you kiddies better car pool and save ya dollaz. It's this Sunday August 3rd @ The Middle East (Upstairs - 472 Mass Ave.) w/ After Midnight Project (CA - Universal Records) & Josephine Collective (KS, Warner/Reprise Records) - $8.00, 1:00 PM / They will ALSO be playing another all ages show August 23 w/ Vega Under Fire, Therefore I Am, A Loss for Words & Lions Lions (Ex-Vanna) you can buy tickets for that by clicking here or heading to the Dartmouth Mall's FYE (or any other FYE) - so hit those shows up, lots of dancing & fun fo sureeeeee

On August 9 @ Flagship Cinemas (500 Kings Highway) comedian John Turco (as seen in Boondock Saints) will be performing two times once at 8PM and again at 10PM as part of the "Captain's Comedy Nights" series.

On Saturday August 23 Fight the Scene Records (Boston, MA) is sending some of it's bands to New Bedford to play an all ages show at Accu Billiards. It's 2-6PM and All Ages, when I know more about this I'll post it here!

SUMMER SCHOOL this thursday July 31 features new band Lions Lions (Ex- Vanna, A Loss For Words, Jonah Veil), Francine & Her Ruby Slippers! It's only $5.00 w/ RSVP! Dance Party after the bands with E-Marce and Texas Mike! as always it's at Bill's Bar in Boston 5 Lansdowne St (near Fenway Park) 9PM-1:30AM 18+ come shake your ass




Bombed had a show today. Now they don't. So don't go.

Go to this instead...TODAY 2PM at Knuckleheads in the South End - 85 Macarthur Blvd. Neal McCarthy w/ Shipyard Wreck, J. Kelley, The O' Tooles, Chris Evil, Jeff Gobush, Cedric Josey and shitttt hit that up (if weather permits its all ages, if it gets moved inside all the babies gotta leave cause itll be 21+)

Vallon is playing with ya BOI grandmaissons band Something For Nothing, Vessels and Valoria @ Band Stand Live in Taunton on August 5th




So I've decided after 4 years of a "real" website that it was stupid...and I figured i'm going to keep it real simple, more of a blog style website... news/flyers/downloads and forums about the music scene. thats it. now why is this a good thing and not a bad thing? Because it's SUPER easy to update now instead of having a big outdated website... you'll have a small up-to-date webpage... and it will work on all your phones that have the internet (iphones, blackberries, sidekicks etc)

Let me know if you think this is good or bad!




Nick Bishop performed/interviewed live on WUMD in Dartmouth and you can download the entire thing on NBROCK @


-CraigNB (p.s. new site coming soon-ish)




Kyle from These Bones recorded a 7" check it out!

Wings Court/Green Bean shows are CANCELLED!*

EXCEPT the AUGUST 9TH show (see flyer left) THAT ONE IS STILL 100% ON!

Orchestrate the Incident is BREAKING UP link 

Half Hearted Hero have a new demo! link

Agony is playing with Leftover Crack.

Simmons Bros. CLOSE DOWN buy their stuff


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